Project Summary

BEDS has taken an initiative to solve those problems considering to form community based organization for ensuring local participation in conservation and livelihood improvement through developing skill under "Mangrove Biodiversity Conservation through livelihood improvement of the Sundarbans fishermen project by involving 75 fishermen families from April 2014 to March 2017 in cooperation with Mr. Hideki Sato from JEEF, funded by the Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund (KNCF). BEDS has achieved some success throughout this project like formed a Fishermen Cooperative Society in which the members are saving money at a regular basis and using those money for their own business, planted mangrove and provided biodiversity education among the fishermen community. As a result, their illegal resource harvesting practices have been reduced. Provided some alternative livelihood to reduce poverty from their families by the form of crab fattening and homestead gardening.

Project overview

Duration April 2014 to March 2017
Project Location Mathurapur fishing village under Munshigonj union of Shyamnagar sub district under Satkhira district of Bangladesh ( Sundarbans coastal region of Bangladesh)
Theme Mangrove Ecosystem Conservation and Livelihood
Partner/Collaborators N/A
Donor Keidanren Nature Conservation Fund (KNCF)