Md. Zaman Ullah

Finance & Admin Officer

+88 019 68 80 95 11

Mr. Zaman is a Finance & Administration officer of Bangladesh Environment and Development Society(BEDS). He has a long working experience on Non-Government Organization (NGO) sectors. He started his career in Brac and implemented different projects with the support of Save the Children International (SCI) and Manuser Jonno Foundation (MJF). He has completed his Bachelor of commerce (B.Com) Honors and Master of commerce (M. Com) in Accounting from National University, Bangladesh. He also Participated in the Workshop on Financial Administration and Risk Management by the support of BMZ in KKID, India and received Finance & administration training from MJF & SCI.

Job responsibilities:

Mr. Zaman's key roles and responsibilities are as follows;

  • Ensure preparing and submission of particular financial/accounts reports to the donor agency in time.
  • Ensure control over budget expenditures; maintain books & accounts, vouchers, banking, necessary report preparation & submission.
  • Provide assistance to ca firm in performing audit of project accounts and carry out job responsibilities as per financial manual/policy of BEDS & project guidelines.
  • The Finance & Admin officer is responsible the overall project financial activities implementation.
  • Ensure Cash balance and petty Cash never exceeds the limit as set by the policy.
  • Attend to Cash book entry in Accounting Software on daily basis. All expenses and incomes are recorded on daily basis.
  • All vouchers are prepared in professional manners with all needed supporting documents and have approvals from the proper authority.
  • Ensures the banking documents are kept in absolute security.
  • Ensure the VAT and Tax is deducted from the bills of suppliers accurately following Govt. Rules.
  • All bills are received and/or collected for timely payment. Bills are paid on regular basis without any backlog.
  • Regularly update the inventory list in order to keep the asset list update all the time. - Assets are properly numbered by using standard methods.
  • Ensures that all procurement is done following the procurement policies and establish rules.
  • Ensures goods so procured are properly recorded and delivered under receipt

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